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  I've always been interested in makeup & hair since I can remember...always practicing on friends & family, trying to come up with new looks & styles... and of course, always trying these things out on myself. I've had many different hair colors & styles whilst experimenting... how could I not?!

I am skilled in MANY styles of makeup & hair.. ranging from natural to outraaageous, however, I ADORE anything with a vintage/retro feel to it. I am in love with the eras from the 1920's to 1960's and am constantly researching makeup, hair, fashion & lifestyles of those decades. I try to find out new techniques & looks to play around with & maybe even modernize it a little. I enjoy every minute I spend researching as I, myself, am somewhat of a vintage enthusiast.

Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy many other styles besides vintage/retro. After all, what may be for me, isn't for all! Like I said, I can do natural, alternative, edgy, avant garde, & more. There's beauty in it all!





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